Bugoma Ecotourism Site

BugomaArea coverage: 41,144 ha,Bugoma Central Forest Reserve is located in Hoima District. Eco – Tourism in the Reserve is being spearheaded by African Nature ConservationExpeditions,

Accommodation:10 Tourist Bandas to house a minimum of 10 Visitors per Night are nearing completion and another 10 Luxury Tented Camps exclusively for the upper market.

For Reservations, please contact the Operations Manager on Tel: 256-41-0772361170.

Attractions: they include Chimpanzees, Monkeys, Reptiles, Birds and Butterflies and Tree Species some of which are endemic to Bugoma. Forest Trails totaling 30 km long divided into loops of 200 meters each have been developed. The Reserve is near the Oil Exploration Sites which has precipitated the migration of many grassland Species due to Habitat Disturbance. Those that can occasionally be seen include Uganda Kobs, Buffaloes and Elephants.

The Reserve is accessible through a dirt Road 70 km. away from Hoima Township. Hoima is approximately 200 km. from Kampala. There is also an Airstrip for light aircrafts at Kisaru Tea Estates 12 km. from Bugoma Ecotourism Site.
Professionally trained Guides are on site to provide an unforgettable experience to Visitors.

For Further Inquiries on the ecotourism sites, please contact:
National Forestry Authority,
P.O Box 70863,
Tel: 256 - 031 – 264035/6 or 256 - 041-230365/6
Fax: 256 – 041 – 230369
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