Plantation Guidlines...

1. Investing in Commercial Tree Plantations in Uganda: Some Frequently Asked Questions.

2. The Sawlog Production Grant Scheme: Some Frequently Asked Questions.

3. Planning for Successful Plantation Development.

4. Productivity and Costs of Plantation Development in Uganda.

5. Species Choice for Commercial Timber Plantations in Uganda.

6. Site Species Matching for Timber Plantations in Uganda.

7. Key Nursery Practices.

8. Tree Seed in Commercial Plantations in Uganda.

9. Growing Eucalypts for Fuelwood & Poles.

10. Growing Eucalypts for Timber & Large Poles.

11. Growing Pines for Timber.

12. Growing Musizi for Timber.

13. Other Species for Timber Production in Uganda.

14. Land Preparation.

15. Weeding in Plantations.

16. Safe Use of Glyphosate Herbicide.

17. Post-Plant use of Herbicide.

18. Fire Protection.

19. Common Pests and Diseases of Tree Plantations.

20. Protection from Animals.

21. Managing Eucalyptus Coppice.

22. Eucalyptus and the Environment.

23. Planting with Aqua-Soil.